Toon In: “It’s Geek 2 Me” Lands on the Pages of TEQ

Francis Cleetus

Pittsburgh cartoonist Francis Cleetus is a funny guy.

Cleetus’ humor transcends his hilarious “It’s Geek 2 Me” cartoon series that was recently compiled into a book, “Wish Your Mouth Had a Backspace Key.” Just talk with Cleetus for a few minutes and you’ll quickly discover that he finds humor everywhere and his easy-going personality processes it in a way like no one else.

Cleetus came to Pittsburgh about five years ago from Kentucky. Before that, he worked in Hong Kong and originally hails from India. His roots go deep into the creative and advertising industries, and he has conceived ad campaigns for the likes of HP, Philips, GE and more. Check out his portfolio at franciscleetus.com.

“It’s Geek 2 Me” started as a side project that has swelled into a mainstream success. Cleetus was inspired to create the cartoon when friends from around the world would send him e-mails recounting true stories of office antics that often involved technology and social media gone awry.

A snippet of "It's Geek 2 Me."

He’s developed a large and diverse cast of characters, like Ram Patel, Spam Murphy and Tweetsie Williams who work at the fictional Paradox Software in the heart of Pittsburgh on Smithfield St. A tech cartoon wouldn’t be legit if didn’t have an avid on-line following and fast-growing Facebook page/Twitter feed. It also has a free iPhone app to access the humor 24-7.

Now, you can find “It’s Geek 2 Me” in every issue of TEQ. The Pittsburgh Technology Council is excited to present a tech cartoon that details a fictional Pittsburgh tech company from a Pittsburgh cartoonist.

We hope that you enjoy his work as much as we do. Read more cartoons and get “Wish Your Mouth Had a Backspace Key” at geek-2-me.com.

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